Passionate to be the young voice of L'Oréal? Are you looking for a transformative stepping-stone for your career journey even BEFORE you graduate?

Come and join L'Oréal Youth Trendsetters (LYT) fam! LYT is an exclusive and immersive 12-months campus ambassador program, designed to empower 30 exceptional Malaysian students! LYT empowers YOU to refine your skills, amplify your voices and become the FACE of L'Oréal itself. With the exciting perks and the opportunity to network with esteemed L'Oréal Leaders, the program aspires to shape the young future leaders of tomorrow.
Jackets will be given only to those who are shortlisted as L'Oréal Youth Trendsetters 2024.
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Thank you for your application and All the best! As your first challenge, we invite you to post a 1 minute video of why you want to join L’Oréal Youth Trendsetters program in your social media platform i.e. Linkedin, Instagram or TikTok by 5th January 2023. Our Young Talent team will be in touch with you for the next steps.